Friday, 22 April 2016

Payless Disposal Inc. of Alberta

Payless Disposal of Alberta is one of the leading providers of comprehensive waste management services. We  offer advanced residential, commercial and industrial collection, recycling and disposal services throughout Calgary Alberta, Canada and surrounding areas.

Payless Disposal of Calgary is your local choice! We hire our people locally in Calgary employing our people and our local economy. We don't have big wig executives demanding more profits for share holders whick equates to better pricing for you the end use customer. Payless Disposal of calgary owns and opeates a small fleet of bins and we are a family company..

A  Waste Management Bin Service Company always looks out for the customer first. We don't try to waste your time bragging about the size of our conglomeration built off the backs of good people like you. We instead are backed by the knowledge, experience, and resources of an environmentally driven service organization. Together, our Waste Management Dumpstrers help people just like you in providing company-wide service at competitive rates. As well, our commercial customers throughout the Calgary area are using our service for waste management because they understang great value and service.
Payless Disposal gained their customer's trust with waste collection Dumpsters, recycling and other curbside services that are second to none — and we keep that trust by being responsible. Together, we protect our environment and get the most from what used to be considered “waste.”

Waste Pickup »It all starts with our dependable and courteous  Bin service.

Recycling Pickup »Includes our popular single-stream Dumpster recycling services.

Tree Waste Pickup »From Trees to Hedges to shrubs.

Yard Waste Pickup »We Haul this kind of Waste for less-ask us how.

Bulk Waste Pickup »For items too big to go into your curbside collection.

Household Hazardous Waste Services »Eco-friendly programs for safe collection and treatment.